Tehran Business Club
Tehran Business Club

Tehran Business Club

Tehran Business Club is an eight-storey building situated in the bustling Fereshteh neighbourhood of Tehran. The project hosts an array of spaces and activities, such as public and private restaurants, open offices, multi-functional halls, galleries and recreational programmes. Tucked away from the busy environment, private restaurant booths amplify, concentrate and confine the voices of business meeting members inside an overhung cylindrical shaft. This amplifier creates a contrasting identity by both visually highlighting and systematically soundproofing the private business meetings. Open offices and multi-functional halls are formed by reconfigurable partitions that can rotate and move along rails across a wall-less interior. Embedded within these portable partitions are features such as work desks, USB ports, power outlets and reading lights. Members can reorganise the open offices to accommodate their ever-changing and diverse business needs.


Principal Architect: Shahrooz Zomorrodi
Design Lead Architect: Yasaman Fathi
Visualization: Yasaman Fathi


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