Castle Family

Castle is the perfect bunk bed system for any child who dreams of fairy-tale castles and fortresses, a private place they can call their own.


The Rêve pouf reflects our fascination with the rocking movement. Its thin steel metal structure sits either on a rocking chrome base or, for a more stable footstool, on legs.
An eclectic outdoor furnishing piece, Reve is a light, strong celebration of the simple form of a square and a demonstration of the skill of DecoZ in combining different materials.
This rocking stool is also designed to be used as a seat, a footstool, and when required, a support surface – making it a perfect companion for reading, dining, and lounging outdoors.
Rêve ensures that your patio or balcony becomes an integral extension of your home, from fledgling spring through vibrant summer and into the crisp early months of autumn. It’s the very best piece of outdoor furniture, both comfortable and durable, and so beautiful it can elevate the appearance of any exterior space.


The rotating Ark lounge chair invites you to flop in and feel like you’re flying – supporting a relaxed lifestyle with individuality, comfort, and quality.
Ark is the furniture piece that takes you away from life’s worries and conventions. Whoever rests or lies on the Ark retakes control of their mind and destiny, with no storm capable of disturbing their recovery. The Ark is covered with a soft and gentle fabric that creates a comforting feeling and is handmade and upholstered by experienced craftsmen.


Voyage is a whimsical, classically styled leather-studded design with Middle Eastern values, providing a cocoon in which to relax.
An impeccable marriage of comfort and elegance combining classic design and Middle Eastern values, Voyage boasts generous dimensions and outstanding ergonomics, making it comfortable to put your feet up and lean back. Its 26-degree reclined angle is perfectly in tune with the human body, providing the user with an extraordinarily relaxing experience, every time they sit on it.
Voyage comes in black or white leather inspired by classical design and the infinite care that goes into making the finest leather goods.


A hand-made contemporary rocker, Flow has been designed to give the feeling of floating on calming ocean waves.
Flow was inspired by the constant ocean waves that deliver calm to the human soul. Its shape and curves resemble the flow of water, leaving the user with the feeling they are resting on a vast and peaceful wave. The result is a peaceful adventure, unlike any other experience. Entirely handmade, Flow expresses the perfect balance between innovation, function, and emotion, in a unique style.


The Cubo sofa is a unique sectional piece comprising high-density foam cubes that can be mixed and matched in whatever configuration works best.
Cubo is a sofa like no other, with a modular form that allows a high degree of personalization. Cubo can be configured in many ways, including the ‘L’ form, and ‘U’ form, enabling it to perfectly fit into almost any space. Its desirability is further enhanced by the fitment of random fabrics and their interchangeability.


The leather-upholstered, configurable Cushion bed provides complete relaxation or deep, restorative sleep. Its high-quality padding relieves stress on pressure points.


Solid in form yet surprisingly comfortable, Block is a modular system of cubes that can be arranged in whichever way you want, to create whichever form you desire. Blocks are formed from solid walnut wood, with a natural finish or covered with a polyurethane surround, with a green, yellow, blue, red, white, or black soft-touch glossy finish.


Simple, striking, and stylish, Cylinder shows just how fascinating simple furniture can be. Cylinder pairs elegant, slender chair backs and tabletop with plump, supportive chair cushions and sturdy wooden table legs to deliver signature style and demonstrate mastery of materials. The table legs are offered with a natural or lacquered finish, while the 2cm-thick tabletop is available in terrazzo, glass, or wood. The chairs are upholstered in high-density foam and feature high-gloss backrests with a spotted design, reminiscent of dominoes.

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