Universal Factory
Universal Factory
  • DATE: 2023
  • CLIENT: MR. Razaghi
  • LOCATION: Dubai, UAE
  • AREA: 11.850 M²
  • CATEGORY: Industrial
  • STATUS: Concept

Universal Factory

The Universal Factory project, situated in the bustling city of Dubai, is a cutting-edge belt manufacturing facility spanning an impressive 11.850 square meters. What sets this factory apart is not only its scale but also its distinct concept and design, which seamlessly incorporates elegant curves into the functional aspects of its operations.


The unique design concept of the Universal Factory elevates it beyond the ordinary industrial facility. Its incorporation of curves adds a touch of sophistication and innovation to the traditionally utilitarian industrial landscape. These curves are not merely aesthetic; they are intelligently integrated into the functional elements of the factory, optimizing the workflow and production processes.


This factory is a testament to Dubai’s commitment to combining functionality and aesthetics in its industrial infrastructure. With its forward-thinking design, the Universal Factory not only delivers on its manufacturing capabilities but also serves as an architectural landmark within the cityscape.


In the heart of Dubai, the Universal Factory stands as a symbol of progress, where form meets function, and innovation meets industry. It represents a harmonious blend of industrial prowess and visionary design, setting new standards for manufacturing facilities in the region.



Principal Architect: Shahrooz Zomorrodi

Concept Design Team: Payam Alrahman, Mahla Tabaei, Nastaran Shabanzadeh

Interior Design Team: Yasaman Donyagard, Payam Alrahman, Pedram Soroush, Amirahmad Saadat

Technical Design Team: Hamed Noorian, Alireza Mohit, Reyhaneh Hoseini, Katayoon Tootooni

Visualization: Afshin Khodabandeloo, Ali Asadi


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