My Cinema
My Cinema
  • DATE: 2023
  • CLIENT: MR. Hashemi
  • LOCATION: Portable Cinema
  • AREA: 24-50 M²
  • CATEGORY: Cultural
  • STATUS: Concept

My Cinema

My Cinema is a cinema chain that seeks to expand internationally and provide a high-quality experience for VIP patrons in the Middle East, offering them a new and captivating cinematic journey. The architectural identity of My Cinema is characterized by distinct sections, each with its own unique features. These sections are built upon the foundation of the infrastructure layers, which encompass all the physical elements that constitute each cinema within the chain. The design and construction of the remaining layers of this architectural framework are derived from these foundational details.

Every aspect of the project, including the materials utilized and the formation of each architectural layer, contributes to the holistic identity of the cinemas. In essence, the details within each section serve as the primary representatives of their respective types and play a pivotal role in the design process. The ultimate objective is to create a personalized, family-friendly environment where the audience can enjoy their chosen programs, akin to having a private viewing space within their own homes.

By adhering to specified standards, the cinemas achieve an integrated and systematic approach to their operations, enabling centralized management and logical implementation based on predefined principles. This approach effectively minimizes any disruptions or inconsistencies. Each element of the architectural design is carefully crafted and encompasses a comprehensive plan. The cinema chain is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of society, ensuring that individuals can make choices tailored to their personal preferences, needs, and budgetary considerations.



Principal Architect: Shahrooz Zomorrodi

Interior Design Lead: Yasaman Donyagard

Design Team: Yasmin Shahbodaghloo, Afrooz Demehri 

Visualization: Ali Moravej, Saleheh Masnouri

Architecture Presentation: Yasmin Shahbodaghloo, Narges Aminpour


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