Inspired by traditional Iranian gardens, Eram is an eco-friendly 16-floor high-rise commercial building conceived to be a contemporary interpretation of the garden of paradise, and a healthy workspace.

Eram, the Farsi word for paradise, has been described as a heavenly and surreal vertical garden complex covering approximately 65,000 square metres. When completed, an abundance of trees and luscious greenery will distinguish this commercial building from the others in the city, making it a positive and harmonious place to work in, while reducing its carbon footprint and featuring numerous eco-efficient and sustainable elements.

Tranquil gardens were the inspiration behind the design process and can be seen in every aspect and detail of the project. Designed to have a serene and joyous atmosphere, the multi-storey building will feature five floors of commercial space and an additional eight for dedicated offices. An amphitheatre, food court and cinema will allow occupants to unwind and relax in a Zen-like ambience.


Principal Architect: Shahrooz Zomorrodi
Design Lead Architect: Payam Alrahman
Detail Design and Phase 2 Supervisor: Hamed Noorian
Phase 2 Team: Afrooz Demehri, Elaheh Saberi
Visualization: Nastaran Shabanzadeh, Ali Moravej


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