Simurgh Café
Simurgh Café

Simurgh Café

At Simurgh Café, a traditional Middle Eastern dining experience is evoked through a variety of seating arrangements. The galley lounges include conventional dining tables and casual benches for social encounters, while the bar stools offer a new take on traditional Sofreh-style seating on the ground level. The Central Gallery allows standing and movement through the art of oriented passage. The cafe covers around 100 square metres and takes its name and inspiration from the Persian word Simurgh, which has its roots in the Avestan Mereyo Saeno (‘the bird Saena’); originally a raptor, likely an eagle, falcon, or sparrowhawk.


Principal Architect: Shahrooz Zomorrodi
Design Lead Architect: Yasaman Fathi, Alireza Shojakhani
Design Team: Delaram Arafati, Nastaran Shabanzadeh, Payam Alrahman
Phase 2 Team: Yasaman Fathi
Visualization: Ali Moravej, Afshin Khodabandeloo


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