Date : 2019

Client : Mr. Rahmani

Status : Concept

Location : Milan, Italy

The Persian word Simurg derives from middle Persian Senmurw (and earlier Senmuruy), also attested in Pazend texts as Sina-Mru. The middle Persian word comes from Avestan Mereyo Saeno “the bird Saena”, originally a raptor, likely an eagle, falcon, or sparrowhawk, as can be deduced from the etymological cognate Sanskrit Syenah which also appears as a divine figure.

On the other hand, the phrase Si-murgh means thirty birds in Persian; this has been used by Attar of Nishapur in his symbolic story of The Conference of the Birds in which he played with name.

At Café Simurgh, a truly traditional dining experience is represented by various beverage and exquisite dining positions. The valley lounges include conventional dining tables, casual benches for active social encounters and bar stools are a new take on ground level _sofreh- dining. The Central Gallery allows standing and movement throughout the art of oriented passage.

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