Ribbon of Light
Ribbon of Light

Ribbon of Light

One of the goals of Zomorrodi & Associates has been to find unique names for every project, to reflect the exciting and extraordinary concepts and ideas behind them. This specific project was named ’Ribbon of Light’ – and the name has been mirrored throughout the project.

Ribbon of Light consists of three different ribbons which have been released into infinite space. They move and dance freely, as though the rules of gravity don’t apply – and as a result they generate beautiful and unrepeated shapes and forms, bringing the whole project together.

The designer tried to create a peculiar and unconventional environment through the flowing, loose movements of the ribbons, which emerge from the floors and rise to the ceiling, encasing the entire 2,500-square metre space without boundaries.


Principal Architect: Shahrooz Zomorrodi
Design Lead Architect: Nastaran Shabanzadeh
Design Team: Anna Akhlaghi, Ali Moravej
Detail Design and Phase 2 Supervisor: Hamed Noorian
Phase 2 Team: Afrooz Demehri, Elaheh Saberi
Visualization: Afshin Khodabandeloo


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