Box Village Hotel
Box Village Hotel

Box Village Hotel

The Box Village five-star hotel complex, located on top of the Darbandsar ski resort and providing 120 rooms, is designed in a way that enables every room to offer beautiful views of Mount Damavand’s peak while providing a private area with hot water Jacuzzi from which to enjoy the fascinating outlook. The hotel features a spa complex and an outdoor-indoor restaurant that also provides views of Mount Damavand. To meet the challenge of the tight project schedule and the difficulty of transporting materials to the project site, every unit utilises between two and six prefabricated containers. Employing the finest materials and equipment allowed us to bring warmth and calmness to this 18,000-square metre site, despite its cold, mountainous setting.


Principal Architect: Shahrooz Zomorrodi
Design Lead Architect: Alireza Shojakhani
Design Team: Payam Alrahman, Yasaman Fathi
Visualization: Ali Moravej, Yasaman Fathi
Architectural presentation: Ali Moravej, Yasmin Fathi, Payam Alrahman


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