The Terrace

The Terrace

The Terrace

The Terrace

Date : 2017

Client : Mr. Baradaran

Status : Under Construction

Location : Darband Sar, Tehran, Iran

This residential complex, to be built on a site located in Darbandsar with a %40 slope incline. Although this building is a private residence the extended and distorted terraces provide a venue for occupants to meet up and enjoy the picturesque landscape of Darbandsar.

Similar to all residential buildings located in Darbandsar, Terrace complex follows the natural slope of Darbandsar mimicking its surrounding landscape. Terrace is formed by a series of interlocking and interconnecting clusters of units that are simultaneously stepping back on one side and stretching out on the other to create both a covered shelter and an open platform.

The deformed, stretched and connected canopies are attached over the units providing privacy for the terraces. These dividers lean forward and backward allowing for tenants to have 180 panoramic views of Darbandsar ski slope.

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