Letaj Hedayat

Letaj Hedayat

Letaj Hedayat

Letaj Hedayat

Date : 2019

Client : Mr. Tajik

Status : Under Construction

Location : Darrous, Tehran, Iran

Zomorrodi & Associates got involved in Letaj project after the main structure and walls had been built, however, the design team managed to establish a concept for the whole project. The concept was triangular corners to embrace it, from the interior to the elevation, however, when it got to the pool area soft curves were used to balance out the sharp corners.

Considering the limitation, the design team faced by the already built foundations and interior walls, the design team achieved to fabricate a luxury that was modern at the same time considering the project region.

The building has a total area of 1000 square meters in a 2700 square meters site which includes 8 residential stories, one story lobby, 2 stories parking, and one story for pool and spa.

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