Date : 2016

client : Mr.Salehi

Status : Under Construction

Location : Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran

This 19 story complex with 23 units and several social and common areas such as private café, private movie theatre and swimming pool, have been designed in 2 blocks in a way that even though the north block is located under the ground floor, it can receive light from three directions and every unit benefits from ocean view in the background of a mass jungle.

The 23 units of this complex have been designed with 23 different plans in a way that even though the form and structure of the project is extraordinary, no columns can be sighted in the façade and the variety of plans can satisfy different tastes.

Units with 300 meters balcony, duplexes and units with private swimming pool are some of the units included in this project. It’s worth mentioning that a 100 meter balcony with the amazing view of the Caspian Sea is included in each and every unit.

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