Ribbon of Light Ceremony

Ribbon of Light Ceremony

Ribbon of Light Ceremony

Ribbon of Light Ceremony

Date : 2019

Client : Mrs. Moshtaghi

Status : Under Construction

Location : Andarzgou Boulevard, Tehran, Iran

One of the goals of Zomorrodi & Associates has been to find unique names for each and every project that would reflect the exciting and extraordinary concepts and ideas behind them. For this specific project, the name was “Ribbon of Light” and the name has been mirrored all over the project.

Ribbon project consists of three different ribbons which have been released in infinity space that move and dance freely, it is like the rules of gravity doesn’t apply there, as result, they make the beautiful and unrepeated shape and forms that bring the whole thing together.

The designer tried to create a peculiar and unconventional environment with the flow and lose movements of the ribbons which start from the floors and rise to the ceiling and encase the place with no boundaries.

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