Fasham Villa

Fasham Villa

Fasham Villa

Fasham Villa

Date : 2017

Client : Mr.Mahjoorian

Status : Under Construction

Location : Fasham, Tehran, Iran

The spatial composition of Fasham villa is influenced by its context and the elevational shift of its site, breaking the main volume of the house along the length of the site into two pieces.

The first part of the house includes the semi-public spaces of the villa with an access to the lower side of the site and the second part of the house contains the more private spaces of the house with access to the upper garden. The upper volume extends the length of the site by slipping and cantilevering over the underneath mass. Two distinctive materials of white brick and concrete are used to cover each side and create differentiation between volumes. 

The split in the overall mass of the villa creates large open terraces and decks which hold various programs. A rectangular central void connects the roof gardens to the lower courtyard and projects a picture of the sky on its underneath swimming pool.

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