Hive Food Court
Hive Food Court
  • DATE: 2019
  • AREA: 9,300 M²

Hive Food Court

Hive Food Court sits invitingly at the gateway to the fantastical Tr88House recreation complex, which takes design and recreation in the UAE to a new height. Covering almost 9,300 square metres, the complex offers a multi-sensorial experience that was designed by Zomorrodi & Associates exclusively for this out-of-the-box project.

The architects played with scale to maximise the capacity and volume of the spaces, which include ceilings of double-height in the food court and of triple-height in the outdoor lounge deck. Tree trunks spanning from six to 16 metres were used to emphasise the design concept.

Bionic architectural architecture principles were used to ensure that the interiors are nature-friendly and enhance the concept; these include more than 190 sustainably grown pine tree trunks that are the main protagonists of the forest setting.

In keeping with the client’s brief, the design team created purpose-designed spaces to deliver activities for all age groups.

The magical make-believe Hive Food Court features almost 200 towering pine tree trunks, which house ten tree houses and numerous cocoon lantern lights that reflect and multiply in the octagonal mirrors on the walls. Vertical slivers of aluminium, wood and metal panels were strategically placed between the wall cladding to add to the ruggedness of the space, while concave mirrors generate optical illusions and give the impression there are considerably more tree trunks than there really are.

The combination of familiar shapes and exaggerated sizes is designed to create unique reactions and emotions in every person who visits.

The rustic and casual ambiance is accentuated by the wood, metal and concrete tables that sit atop the macro cement floor. An element of comfort and softness is created by the custom-designed low sofas and enormous cosy oversize bean bags that encourage diners to linger and unwind as they enjoy any of the seven different cuisine options.

All the spaces are enticing and radiate positivity, while thought-provoking graffiti slogans – such as ‘Where are you?’, ‘Everything in the world is magic’, ‘New story to tell’ and ‘It begins with a birth of new people’ – are to be found on the floors and walls.



Principal Architect: Shahrooz Zomorrodi
Design Lead Architect: Payam Alrahman, Anna Akhlaghi, Nastaran Shabanzadeh
Design Team: Azam Joneidi, Nazgol Salehi
Detail Design and Phase 2 Supervisor: Hamed Noorian
Phase 2 Team: Parisa Aboutorabian, Afrooz Demehri, Elaheh Saberi
Visualization: Afshin Khodabandeloo, Ali Moravej, Payam Alrahman, Nastaran Shabanzadeh
Architectural Presentation: Melika Asgari
Photographer: Naveed Siraj


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