The most important problem that this project faced in term of its identity, was building 21 villas next to one another with complete independent spaces. Building 21 independent villas would not fit in the category of a Villa complex and due to the high congestion, defining a separate boundary for each was impossible.

Another problem we faced in this project was providing access routes for each villa. Considering the number of villas that had to be built, these routes would occupy a significant area of the site. Thus we had to design it in a way that these access routes would occupy a larger area of the unusable land rather than the usable land.

The interior spaces of the villas have been created around a central void in a way that the spaces circle around this central void and ascend. The spaces are placed in various levels based on their accessibility importance.


    • Date: 2015
    • Client: Mr.Farahani
    • Status:¬†Concept
    • Location: Ushan, Tehran, Iran