Box Vilage

Box Vilage

The Box Village hotel complex, on top of Darbandsar Ski resort summit, is designed in a way that each and every room has the beautiful sight of mount Damavand’s peak. At the same time by obscuring the room’s vision to each other we have created private yards with hot water Jacuzzi with the fascinating view of mount Damavand for every room in this cold and mountainous region.

Spa complex and outdoor-indoor restaurant, with the view of Damavand on top of Darbandsar summit, are some of the key features included in this hotel.

In the process of designing this complex, considering brief working period and impossibility of transporting materials to the project site, every unit is designed as a prefabricated container. Utilizing finest materials and equipment has given us the opportunity to bring warmth and calmness to the project, in a way that every unit contains 2-6 containers and considering the 18000 square meters area of the site, every unit has a beautiful private yard.


    • Status: In Progress
    • Location: Darbandsar, Tehran, Iran